1 X singing lesson  

Not after a block of lessons? No problem! Week by week is the most popular option!
 I offer lessons in 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 1 hour blocks via skype & 1 hour 
Within our allotted time frame we will warm up the voice, run through technical training exercises as well as utilise those exercises by breaking down and systematically learning  a song of your choice. 

Foundation Block   

New to the world of singing? Been singing for a while but don't feel like you've got the proper foundation down?  The Foundation block is a block of FIVE 1 hour lessons + One free 15 minute consult.

In the foundation block we will cover; 
Correct breathing technique, Ear Training, Rhythm Training, the different registers of our voice.. 

Essentially this block will give you a strong understanding on how your voice works and how to use it  correctly whilst singing.  

Vocal Development Block    

Want to take your voice to the next level? Have specific goals in mind to meet? The Vocal Development block consists of EIGHT 1 hour lessons + one 30 minute pre lesson consult. 

The vocal development block we will use the 30 minute consult to pin point where your voice is sitting in regards to range, tone, and control. Identify your goals and then create a course of action for the Eight lesson block.  

Audition Prep 

Are you a performer with an upcoming audition? School admission? Vocal Exam? Musical Theatre? 
The Audition Prep is THREE 1 hour sessions + one free 10/15 minute pre block consult. 

In the 15 minute consult we will chat about your audition requirements, song choice, sheet music ect, and how best i can help you in the upcoming three sessions 

As a Musical Director who has conducted a multitude of auditions with singers and actors, and as a preforming artist with a long history in musical theatre, i can help you find the most appropriate cut of your song and guide you through dynamics, technique and performance practice, to ensure you go in to your audition as prepared as possible.